They Don't Know Who We Are

My experiences have taught me that the average unhoused person compares favorably over their lifetimes for success versus the average housed person. Lots of prodigies and shooting stars out here.


  information-. Are you an artist? 

Would you like to learn to work on websites if it was easy and profitable?

Do you like design? Could you make a logo? 

Do you like to write? 

Do you ever think of taglines for products? Would you like to?

Can you handle a camera? The person who agrees to take this position will have a completely different, more exciting near-future than the rest of us. The chronicler of this movement will call their own career shots from then on. 

Can you post to Facebook? Would you like to create a post or two a day?

All these actions are made up of smaller elements. Working together, we can keep things lively and interesting and not get bored or distracted. 

We’re going to need to perform an accurate census, gather accurate  information prior to asking the public for money to cure it. This is a key step the city skipped. They use financial figures as scare tactics, we use them to formulate solutions.