,I guess it was inevitable, really. These Oxnard city boys are a stunning combination of stupid and mean, like a collection of beer-addled high-school bullies picking on kids they think are ‘homeless’. We ain’t homeless, dumbasses, we’re unhoused. Our home is with Him, right here on earth, just like you. Remember Him? God Almighty? Ring a bell at all?

How many times have I reminded you guys, right here and in actual print publications, about all the homeless guys at the Pearly Gates, as you’ve continued to harass and marginalize completely innocent people? Plenty. And enough.

I was by myself today, sitting on the edge of a remote empty field, where I’ve spent hundreds of productive hours, reading my Bible, believe it or not, when an airport security truck drove up and told me I had to leave. This is the first time I’ve ever been bothered there, so we now know, if we didn’t before, that they’re being told ‘don’t let them rest for even a minute, no matter where they are’ by the city boys. Here is an official response, in public, on the record, from myself and my organization, TheUnhoused:


Now, misinterpret that.

Here’s how that conversation must have gone down: 

Oxnard City Boy 1:  Well, I guess that’s over with. That Homeless No Go Zone thing was a brilliant and unqualified success! Kudos all around! Those old and crippled homeless vermin had to march all over town for the week, solely for our amusement! Does life get any better than this? I submit to you, gentlemen, it does not. 

OCB 2: That homeless guy at the shelter said he would bring public sentiment down on us, and he failed miserably! No one cares! 

OCB 3: Well, he did say he hadn’t actually tried to promote it yet, and hadn’t even sent any traffic in that direction. He said he was waiting to see what we’d do before decid–

OCB 4: Shut your mouth. Go wait in the car.

OCB 1: Good work. Now, how can we make it even more uncomfortable for these animals?  

Guess what happens now?

Well…you know how God is always very, very specific about numbers, except in the case of ‘tenfold’? Yeah, that’s because it’s NEVER only tenfold, your payback for doing evil. And, brothers, have you ever done some evil here!  Oh, dear…sometimes it’s thousands and thousands-fold. Trust me, I’ve seen it.

When He allows demons to dig their way all the way in like you guys have here, with all sorts of facetious, or threatening, or fraudulent public documents, ‘secret’ meetings known to all, transparent and bungling conspiracies, hit and run criminals granted free run by their buddies the cops, locking all the public restrooms around town, not providing facilities, of any kind, anywhere, for these city residents who are suffering, establishing a Homeless No Go Zone, with stepped-up police harassment, singling out individual groups for lies and abuse, putting a target on my family in a community of known rednecks and scumbags, etc., well, son, let me tell you:

It might just be awesome.