Dear, Oxnard City Boys (OCB):

First, there was the HNGZ, the Homeless No Go Zone, then the hilarious conspiracy of misinformation you pulled off with that rag the VCStar. Those are both blatant, disturbing evidence of some kind of mindset we don’t approve of in this country. ‘Hatred’, I think they call it.

But this third shoe…well, this one’s a bit of a step up for all of us, isn’t it?

County of Ventura, if we have our way, you’ve murdered your last homeless person with a vehicle. And by ‘we’, I mean everyone in Ventura County that dis-approves of the county sport.

OCB, get ready for your close-up. Every dead homeless person these days is a direct product of the lies and threats you’ve made publicly. My organization with pay for the attorneys for these martyrs at the moment we are able to do so.

You, the Oxnard City Boys, and the bird-cage-lining VCStar are on the hook for these deaths, and for creating an environment where they (your readers) not only stop and hurl insults after hitting and before running, they hit and kill homeless people in crosswalks and then wait around for their praise, or cash, or however it works. We’ll gonna find out, I can tell you that.

I’m going to impress on folks, just as hard as is necessary, that you‘ve committed crimes here. You were warned, in print, by me, about what and who you were antagonizing, and who you were placing at risk. You responded, in print, right away, come to think of it, by telling outrageous lies, placing imaginary dollar values on specific populations and issuing blatant threats to the very population you were told were at risk.

Start enumerating your assets, because I can think of several families that are owed every penny you have and every one you’ll ever have for as long as you live. And that’s a project now. That exact thing.

As an Oxnard City Boy, sitting at your next meeting…do you really think these other Oxnard City Boys will keep the secret? Didja do a pinky swear? Oh, well…you should be okay, then.

WAKE UP! Look around the table! Yikes! You’re among people who make plans together to pick on the homeless. They won’t stand up for anything, they’ll lie down right away. They have not one single particle of strength left inside them, or they would have talked you out of it. All of it.

If you’re thinking about hitting a homeless person, or anyone else, with your car, be careful you don’t catch a stroke. More than a few of us think we’re getting a little help out here from you know Who.


Social justice warriors, take note, please. This is both a worthy cause and a rare case where the oppressors helpfully supply seemingly endless amounts of direct evidence of their shitbaggery.

Oxnard is a city that locks all its public restrooms then drafts new anti-pissing legislation, in that order, one of the smallest of their countless infractions against God and man, but a good example of the mindset we’re up against.

VC, time to prepare your local hit and run files, which we’ll be reviewing with extreme care with the half-dozen or so victims I personally know. Some of the ones who lived, some broken beyond recognition…what a car’ll do when it hits a human being.

We’ll see if these cases have been rigorously investigated, if at all, particularly the ones involving city vehicles, and we’ll determine the most egregious moral and legal failings, and we’ll find out where the money stops. The darknet, or wherever hellish, moronic, excrement-stained hole in this otherwise-lovely world is hosting this years ‘Bumfights’. We’re going to where the money changes hands, and find out who gets it. Then…

My advice? Same as I give all demons wherever I find them.

Confess, and get it over with.

Now, if you’re new to the website, welcome! Sorry about this vitriol, but these animals are killing my family out here. Until that stops, and it won’t take long, and in between curing and ending homelessness in America in real time this month, we’ll be cataloging the many crimes of these demoned-up cretins.

If you’re from VC, and don’t know what the commotion is, here’s a brief synopsis: You are correct in assuming that this is a great place, Ventura County. However, there is a sub-species living here amongst us that enjoys tormenting the homeless. If you’re thinking “fuck the homeless, torment them!”, we understand completely, because we used to live indoors.

That’s why we don’t get rattled under normal torment conditions. But they’re hitting and sometimes killing us with cars all month long, all year, around here, and this has gone on for several years, quite obviously. The difference now, for lack of a better word, is me.

I’ll NEVER, EVER fucking stop until I root these creatures out, until I drag their crimes out in front of the country.


You hear?

Anyways…thanks for stopping by!


Stay tuned as we cure homelessness in real time, all month long!