The Unhoused. 

The Chargers.

Get it? A natural connection? You betcha. Bring ’em here this offseason, before they win a Super Bowl. Rivers retires after 400 yd., 4 touchdown performance as Chargers win their first. Now, quick…someone else think of it and get to work. Need a budget.

NFL football in Ventura County. 


“B-b-but small market, blah blah blah…*whimper*…”

Build it like they built the Packer base. 

Buy the tickets as a county-based group, private investors only. 

Draw the tickets for the year, and rotate ownership of the seats so everyone has an equal share. Get a freakin mathematician to figure out how to distribute tickets, and sell a block every week to pay for the thing. 

Let’s have the unhoused sitting next to the world-builders, so they can exchange notes…

Oh, wait…is this thing on? Dang it.

I just talked past the close again, didn’t I?

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Ojai Chargers

Oxnard Chargers

Paradise City Chargers

Ventura Coun–wait, what was that last one?

Camarillo Chargers…huh. There’s a ring to that. 

Buses only to get to the place. Or trains, etc., gameday specialty transportation. No private vehicles allowed near the stadium.

Unless you live in it.