Thank you to the unhoused, TheUnhoused, and those interested in stating their learned opinion on the matter.


Thanks to The Red Zone memo, you now have a voice on this issue. People will want to know what you have to say.


Thank you to the remaining and returning Ox24 founders who are keeping their composure and defaulting to compassion in their dealings with us. This is a really difficult and uncomfortable time for you guys, I know.


Thanks to the city of Oxnard for the blatantly punitive extra day out. I never would have had time to pull together a news conference without it, and the imposition of the extra day will be regarded by civil rights groups as your comment on the RZ memo, not the listless apology you provided for the record. We now know who you really are.


Well done, indeed.

Plaza Park 2 PM


If you’re staying at the Armory shelter, I’d love for you to attend, but we’ll have enough bodies there. In other words, if you’re hurt or tired, we got this.