And don’t think we don’t appreciate it, local media!

I wouldn’t want to use the Ventura County Star to clean up dog poo, fearing the poo would be somehow diminished by direct contact with the thing, let alone read it, but I’ve heard that there has been a recent spate of articles about the unhoused, I’m going to take a HUGE leap of faith and thank you for focusing on positive local initiatives or interesting stories about these guys and gals. Right?

Even though every single other article you’ve ever produced depicts us as drug-addled wastrels and worse, I’ll just go ahead and thank you for the articles you should be writing.

Thank you!

Every article you write about any of the countless superb countywide initiatives meant to assist the unhoused in finding their way goes a long way toward erasing the memory of your horrifyingly dishonest ‘vagrants’ piece…

Let’s try to focus more on positive things, and not blame the unhoused for criminally negligent mental health care evidence, like kicking a dog or stabbing a guy.

And let’s wait for a week or two before we self-congratulate, especially if we’re OCB, the Oxnard City Boys.

Isn’t the suspense delicious? Kinda? No?

Perhaps you’re right.