Well, that or a variation of it is on the table for discussion.


Why a sit-in? Instead of a march, or news conference, or press release, or official position? For one reason: the money shot.


I know The City thinks the money shot is any view of a bunch of us assembled in any way, and obviously, to many of them, that represents some kind of nightmare vision. Just that picture.


But to many of the rest of the folks who will be weighing in this week on the matter, it will be the aerial view that resonates the most.


I think the conversation over the next couple of days will go like this:


First, the outrage about the illegal and unconstitutional content in the HNGZ memo. It’s jam-packed with things that simply aren’t legal here in America.


Then, the outrage about the needlessly cruel and demeaning language being used. Again, we’re human beings, as valuable and precious as every other one. We’re not less than anybody.


Then, the discussion of the big-picture problem, with outrage that a sweet older woman like Gail lives unhoused in this wealthy country.


Finally, a kind of curious outrage will develop as people try to get their minds around that view, that aerial view of the HNGZ, as it relates to population density.


When you think and think about it, you realize that the discussion might well have gone  something like this:


A collection of Oxnard Decision Makers, sitting around a conference table.


ODM1: Well, they really don’t appreciate what we just did for them. They never say thank you, not once.

ODM2: Has anyone talked to anyone actually staying inside the shelter?

ODM3: What for?

ODM4: Good point.

ODM5: Can’t we just nuke them from space? It’s the only way to be sure.

ODM1: We’ve been over that. That and the gas, both. We need new ideas. Think, damn it! How can we make them suffer enough to thank us?

ODM3: What about force-marching them through residential sections?

ODM1: Go on…

ODM3: The old ones, the injured ones, kids, dogs, all of them.

ODM1: (laughing) Johnson, you are one sick bastard…

ODM2: You’re talking about making the ones who aren’t the problem leave their remote, secluded area and hike miles to clear a no-go zone, directly into population centers!

ODM3: You betcha.

ODM2: Johnson!

ODM4: Johnson!



If anyone threatens to take your housing if you voice an opinion or otherwise exercise your constitutional or human rights, please tell me immediately.


Let’s see what develops tomorrow and decide what we think and what to do. I would much rather forget about all of this as quickly as possible, and I am not an aggrieved party.


I should be, of course. We should feel what everyone else is going to feel on our behalf, but we don’t. We’re numb to it.


For me, it’s because I’ve lost some volume of my allotted dignity from being in this position. I gave it up over time, a bit at a time. I hardly even notice when things tighten, now.


We don’t even question stuff, we just turn around, put our heads down, resigned. If these were Jews being herded out of a place they’re not welcome, would it be more of a thing to us? I think we’d be more pissed off at that than at our own treatment.




note: I have no idea whether media will come here looking for more interviews. It probably won’t happen because no one cares about our opinion. Not the city, anyway,  the only entity that matters to us. The media? We had one guy who tried to break this story early and couldn’t because he’s unhoused and therefore lacks credibility, for that reason alone. Things gotta change.


What I suggest is that you spend a little bit of time imagining the scene, when someone puts a microphone in your face, so you won’t panic. I’ve seen people go all deer-in-the-headlights when confronted with a microphone. If you decide to talk to them, have a plan and practice in front of a…oh, right. Unhoused. Oh, well.


“I’ll comment on that at another time” is my current default response to anything.