We all know what’s happened, yet can’t measure it. As of this moment, there is no measurement for love, no numerical representation.  


It’s difficult to articulate it without sounding daffy. And let’s be honest: the sweet vibe in this place today was impossible to foresee from where we began 6 months ago. I am so honored and humbled to be in the company of such exceptional and delightful human beings as make up the Oxnard Mercy House. You are loved and lifted. 


It’s God, it’s gifted and caring leadership, security, and staff…it’s a little bit of the mental health template happening naturally: game-playing, laughing, enjoying the company of others. It’s just us, and Him, interacting, healing each other as we go 


The 00.17%.  Just from being unhoused alone. From living or working in any capacity in this shelter. That’s who YOU are, before you took your first step in life. How special are you? You’re chosen, part of the beginning of the end of homelessness. And you are LOVED, more than you can know. 


We’re writing the end of homelessness as we go. Wait and see how quickly we become financially viable as an entity. Writing scripture. Exciting, no?


Anyway, if there’s 500 unhoused around to round up, that’s how many beds we’re looking for. Another 4 Mercy House-sized operations. It’s a great size in the near-perfect building. We’ll be needing 4 more. 


I believe that the 30 day Level 2 Shelter will produce future leaders by the dozens. Leaders in all things. Leaders to lead the other shelter efforts. Leaders in Animal Shelter Innovation. Funding? We’ll gladly welcome donors but will be entirely self-sufficient to begin with and forever. We already are.