Thanks, Mercy House! Under the bed storage is a welcome innovation, rare in a level one shelter. You guys are hitting home runs daily. 


WTF is going on with stealing? And the other thing I won’t mention, ever? 


In this room are leaders, hard guys and gals who command respect in this community and would in any other. 


I haven’t talked to anyone who doesn’t want cameras in here now, just because of all the stealing. This is a trap from the little guy to make us request our own surveillance. Thanks, but we have enough!


The 15%

There’s something like a 15% rate across the board of people out to harm others. Cops, judges, housewives, unhoused. All of us. General rule. But each stigma adds to the numbers of those against you personally. That’s why we’re getting hit by cars out here. 


And by harming others, I mean those who hope for pain but will settle for sadness or malaise. Anyone who says something shitty in response to your good morning. 


If you’re paying attention, you’ve seen plenty of new faces here among the guests. We can safely assume 15% of new mysterious arrivals are up to shenanigans. And there are plants among us, of course. I know I’d want an inside view of my new operation, that’s just good business.


But no one here would be surprised if the thieves turned out to be among the original family members.


Let’s stand up for ourselves and protect each other. Let’s not force Mercy House to react to our lack of responsibility, it’d be the same as trading control of the outcome for the empty box on a game show.


That other thing…


here’s a general rule that most of us know: 


When people do what people don’t do, they’re being puppeted around by the enemy.  They have unresolved trauma and resentment inside them and maybe a little white and they’ve left a window open for the little guy. 


This incident has never happened before in here, so that tells us something. 


Never forget that powerful forces are invested in the failure of this shelter. 


This is exactly like folks dumping bags of garbage out here, trying to paint us to look like animals. Let’s clean up after ourselves and call out the frame-artists. Let’s turn this into Paradise, a day at a time. 


ix-nay on the emon-day


When trying to eliminate a virus, you make its environment uninhabitable. 


As more of us take a family ownership attitude, and the family itself grows from love, it’ll first become uncomfortable, then prickly, then hostile, then unendurable for it to remain inside any one of us. 


These are the unloved, and they can be cured by love.