This will be the last public post here for a minute. Anything we see in print after this will be our own original content or leaked to the press by us.

Everything else, until we’re ready to introduce ourselves and demonstrate exactly how to cure homelessness, will be done in-house. I’m writing on this topic and several others and I’ll be posting links on if anyone wants to follow along.

I ran an ad yesterday for musical instrument and laptop donations on Craigslist.. Nothing has happened yet, which sort of feels like the kind of small town/small thinker opposition we’re used to getting around here, at lest from city government.

In this case, they might ‘ghost’ the ad on Craigslist, so people won’t see it. They might do this because they have yet to understand the concept of ‘tenfold’, even though they’ve been shown, by us, in print, how ‘tenfold’ works, a few times already.

Or, quite possibly, they’re telling us they’ve done enough for us,  and not one of us would disagree. No unhoused person I know complains about the services in Ventura County, how could they? These V.C. residents, already blessed by God to have found their way to this sacred place, would begin to explain their position, until we convinced them that we agree with every single complaint and concern they can cite, and can add several other items as well. Then we can talk about ‘homeless fatigue’, a very real emotion that all the homeless people share with everyone else. We don’t like seeing us any more than you do.

This instrument drive will help us move forward a little bit if it’s successful, probably more if it isn’t. And it doesn’t hurt our feelings either way. We love them because we were them, because we ARE them. 

I’m going to put a note on that new printer, the one I paid $50 for out of my own meager pocket, looking for donations from our guests here. Us. We’ll need about $35 to buy ink and paper for it. I could ask for Mercy House to help and I’m sure they would, but why would I do that? What a missed opportunity! To have the funding of the movement that ends homelessness paid for entirely by the homeless, well…that’s lore. And that’s what I’m about now. I know what’s going to happen, and I want everything we do to be poetic for when the story is told.

So, load that printer up and I’ll print you a copy of one article that I know will break the internet. If you aren’t convinced, I’ll print another. And another. At that point, and understanding that I have about seven more, some of them already posted, that can have a similar effect, we’ll be able to sit around and plan how to do it.

If we can take the rest of the month with it, have a minor festival atmosphere build up around us, while I present a legitimate make-a-difference opportunity to the 36,000 American households worth $100,000,000 or more, that might be fun. That’s where the money for the cure will come from, but it’ll cost WAY less than anyone might think. We first need to take the issue away from government and taxpayers. The first can’t do it right, the second doesn’t deserve the burden of paying for it.

Ideally, a group of 20 or so of these small-g female gods on earth will get interested in our articles and ideas and chip together to collect the million or so it will take to put the initial planning cruise together, and we (the homeless of Ventura County, those who work on behalf of the homeless of Ventura County, doctors, nurses and nurses aides who specialize in mental and emotional trauma, some of the other future leaders who come to light in the next three weeks, and some members of the $100,000,000 club) will be on board a cruise ship, planning Paradise from one future site of Paradise. Building and presenting healing cruises that cure the world of every shitty thing, that’s my own Paradise. We’ll offer 7 day, 14 day, and 30 day ‘experiences’ that restore people to their best, most loving and productive state, and set them on a cruise ship. We’ll reverse-engineer the thing until we step into to our own momentum.

If no one chips in here and goes and gets ink and paper, that’s also part of the story:

our opponents: “You didn’t even have enough credibility to get your own family to chip in 35  bucks to find out more about paradise on earth!” or “See! Those fucking homeless don’t care about anything!!”

my response: “I told you: You can’t rattle us”