Been a while, and thanks for your patience. I have been trying to move us forward without making a mess. Unfortunately, it won’t work like that. Gonna have to make quite a mess of things.

There are people who make their living protecting people like us from people like the Oxnard City Boys. I’m going to turn them loose on this bunch until they understand that we’re people. This WILL get ugly.

What I need from you is tales of abuse. We need you to start taking names of anyone who oversteps their authority. If it feels like abuse, it’s abuse. I need to know about it. We need the names of the cops and others who abuse us. We know the difference and so do they, but the public needs to follow the narrative in real time.

The first edition of Song Of Santa Paula: Humanitarian News will print on or about the first of next month. RadioUnhoused will commence at that time as well. This website will also be renovated this month to be a private site with a few public pages.

We are leaders in the end of homelessness movement.