I’m not offended for myself, I understand the point of the exercise and even the angry language, to an extent. All of us do. 

But when I see several people among us who need hospital care for physical maladies and injuries , someone like Chuck, over 60 in a walking boot with a crutch being driven miles each day on foot, I just get angry. I can’t help it. And then, I’m forced to think some more about the memo, the tone, and the motivations behind it. 



We have the option of the sit-in all day until, say, 3 pm. It might be worth the effort if we can get an aerial shot of about 30 of us out back in the giant empty field we’re forbidden from entering. 

It wouldn’t be to illustrate unity–though any unified group of us will be viewed with dismay–it would be for the photograph of our location as it relates to population density. 

All the empty available space they could have posted us up in. We would have had food trucks eager to deliver to us, we could have held a clothing sale, a concert, a jamboree, a pig pickin’…and we kind of still can. But we’d need to start early to be done by check-in. Heck, we could have a sale from Lisa Marie’s storage unit alone and retire to the Caribbean. 

I need someone or two to help me communicate to the larger group throughout the day because this might turn into a shitstorm and our little website might crash. 


Again, this is a matter of thinking of the larger issue, and taking responsibility for all the other unhoused around the country.

Oxnard did take care of us with money until they ran out, as they so often do, but it seems it wasn’t Oxnard that cared for us at all. And there are 

Not official Oxnard, and not elected Oxnard. It was those founding staff, those family members, filled with compassion, not poisoned by what feels like seething hatred. 

The better option is to do it as we leave, but I’d need to connect pretty early with media to get an aerial shot. 

Please don’t feel pressure to do anything at all. Showing up for a photo doesn’t mean you’re supporting anything I’m doing. And I don’t take anything personally, especially politics, which I’m afraid this is. Yuck. 


It only means that you won’t follow an unconstitutional directive. No one can arrest you, you’re as bulletproof as you’ll ever be, part of the most wronged group in the country, at least until we’re finished with our commentary. We have an opportunity and obligation on a critical issue. 

Standing in that field barely makes you a protester because we’ve established the illegality of the memo. 

Mercy House shouldn’t care unless it affects their intake process. This has nothing to do with Mercy House and we need to stand ready to assist them in any way we can.

Anyone who wants to write or talk about how they feel will have their thoughts listened to and read.